Paul Brown Piano Tuning & Repair

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Paul Brown Piano Tuning & Repair

Serving  the Greater-Austin Area

Paul Brown is by far the most reasonably-priced piano tuner in Central Texas.  For years, Paul has been helping families get their pianos in shape.  In fact, Paul works on all acoustic pianos, including very old pianos and even English pianos—  pianos that many piano technicians today will not service. He can get Grandma’s piano working!  Paul is dedicated to his work and fair with everyone.  Paul Brown is ‘the people’s piano tuner.’

The purpose of my business is to provide affordable piano tuning and repair to the families of Central Texas.  I am quite willing to put in extra time and effort on a first-time piano without extra charge.  I want to get your piano to the point where we can both be pleased with it.  I want you for a continuing customer and I hope for your referrals.

—Paul S. Brown,

B.A. degree, Music Education

Paul Brown with wife, Kasi and four sons.

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